Girls’ Generation Tiffany Profile

Birth name: Stephanie Hwang Mi-young
Korean name: 황미영 / 黄美英
Nicknames: Fany, Mushroom, Manager Hwang etc.
DOB: August 1, 1989
Zodiac sign: Leo
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 162cm
Blood type: O
Position: Lead vocalist
Education: Korea Kent Foreign School

Trivia & Fun Facts
Tiffany and Jessica were born in the same hospital.
Tiffany was her mother’s preferred name.
Tiffany’s favorite color in pink, and she’s obsessed with it.
Tiffany has a puppy named Prince.
She used to have another one named Romeo.
Tiffany can carry a lot of items in her hand.
Tiffany is (one of) the best drinker in SNSD.