Girls’ Generation Seohyun Profile

Birth name: Seo Joo-hyun
Korean name: 서주현 / 徐珠賢
Nicknames: Seororo etc.
DOB: June 28, 1991
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Blood type: A
Position: Lead vocalist
Education: Dongguk University (still studying)

Trivia & Fun Facts
The youngest member of SNSD.
Seohyun is known for her upright personality.
Seohyun graduated from Jeonju Arts High School, Taeyeon’s alma mater. She currently attends Dongguk Uni with Yoona.
Seohyun plays piano well. She reads a lot too.
Seohyun wants to become a diplomat in post-SNSD career.
Her idol is UN’s General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.